Summer Closing 2018

Seems like this summer has flown by!  As an educator I am often asked this question nearly all summer long, “are you ready to go back?”  I really don’t like that question.  Even when I’m not at school, I’m working.  Even though I decided to take a summer job at a department store and tutor the grandson of a friend of mine, I have also been meeting and planning with my team so that we are prepared when school actually goes back into session.  For most educators, not working all summer long is not an option.  We squeeze in some fun time with the family and maybe a vacation but a lot of us are planning, in trainings and preparing for the upcoming year.

I didn’t get an actually vacation this year but I did have some fun with my family, enjoyed my son and grandson for two weeks, and I even got to sleep in some days.  The best part of my summer was having lunch or dinner with friends I don’t often get to catch up with during the school year.

In an effort to get some cleaning and organizing done around the house, I finally got a chance to start working on the garage.  I got about half done when I came across a box that my aunt sent me over a year ago.  She’d been holding on to it since my mother passed away a few years ago.  I attempted to go through it when I first got it but didn’t get very far.  Although it was still very hard, I’m glad I was able to do it now.  After my mother passed away, I wasn’t able to have anything that belonged to her and that made me really sad.  However, while going through her box, I came across an old driver license and her last pastport.  It was awesome!  It may not sound like much but for me, to be able to have just those two things of hers meant the world to me.  To go from growing up in a house that reflected our family history to having it all lost after my mother’s death was very devastating for me.  Not only did I lose her but I lost many things that meant a lot to me and my parents.

I didn’t get to finish the other half of the garage but with about six more days of summer break left, my goal is to rest, rest, rest!  Goodness knows I’m going to need it!  I am looking forward to another successful school year.  I will have a new team this year which will be absolutely no problem for me because I am a serious social butterfly!  Meeting and getting to know new people is one of my favorite things to do.  I’m looking forward to seeing my students, coworkers and getting back to my routine.  This is going to be a great school year!


Give, live and enjoy…🙂



Summer 2018

I had a plan this summer!  I was going to rest…a lot, summer clean the house, clean the garage and spend my evenings with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other.  I am one month in and I have been just as busy thus far as I normally am during the school year.  Not sure how it happened but I think it’s my mother’s fault.  That lady never knew how to sit still for more than a few minutes and I believe I inherited that gene!

Being that we purchased our first home last summer, I thought it would be a great idea to work “part time” this summer and use that extra cash to paint and decorate.  Yes, I know, now…that was a bad idea!  Although I only work about twenty hours a week, it is a bit more than I bargained for.  The work is easy and my co-workers are pleasant enough but couple that with trying to fit in appointments for me and the kids, squeezing in all the things I intended to do this summer and it makes for some very long days.

The week school ended, my fifteen year old daughter announced that she signed up for a summer course to prepare her for dual enrollment in the fall.  The course is eighteen days, three hours a day, four days a week!  To make matters worse, she goes to a magnet school for business, the school is forty-five minutes from our house and there are no busses running in the summer.  Needless to say, my plans to sleep in are a bust.  I can’t be mad at her though, she is at least looking toward her future.  Now, if she does not pass this course, she will be grounded the rest of the summer for making me get up early for nothing!

I am optimistic!  I am certain I will have time to do most if not all of the things I had planned this summer.  There is still plenty of time to sleep in, read, write and clean.

Here’s to a restful July…:)

Spring Break

About two years ago my son moved to North Carolina and of course he took my grandson with him.  I was sad to see them go but my son is a young man now and has to make decisions that he thinks is best for him.  For now, North Carolina it is.  However, this praying mother will continue to ask God to find a way to bring him home or at the very least within a couple hours drive.

On the bright side of this decision, I get to travel to North Carolina to visit.  They live in this really cute, quiet little town that reminds me of one of those towns everybody ends up in on those Hallmark movies.  Unlike Florida, in North Carolina I got to actually see Spring.  Cool air, beautiful trees, gorgeous sunsets and at night, the most amazing star show I have ever witnessed.

My time spent in North Carolina was amazing.  My grandson is growing so fast and talking about everything in sight.  It was such a pleasure to simply sit and watch him play with his cars, color pictures or run around in the front yard.  I think we went to every kid museum, activity center and zoo within an hours drive.  To be the best Yaya possible, I must spoil him rotten!  My son is still the air I breathe.  Watching him with his son were some of the happiest moments of my time there.  My son has always been a loving kid and it definitely shows when he is with my grandson.  To say that I am a proud mom and Yaya is an understatement!

I would have loved for my parents to have met their great-grand.  My mother would have found a way to keep them here and my dad would have been the best babysitter ever.  I think of my parents every day.  My life has become about continuing to make them proud, living life in the manner in which they tried to raise me and leaving a legacy for my son.

Family is the village…:)



Finding My Passion

In my last post I mentioned that one of the things I learned in 2017 is that as an educator, I’m going to need multiple streams of income if I’m going to do more than just survive.  In an effort to begin sourcing these multiple streams of income I thought maybe I’d try out this business idea I had.

While on Christmas Break I had the opportunity to chat with my father-in-law about my idea.  You see, not only is he a very sweet man, he happens to be a very successful business man.  At his urging, when I returned home and I began doing some research on my idea.  I’m certain I sat in front of my computer for two days just fascinated and taking notes on all the information I found.

Then I came across a website,  This site had a wealth of information to help women.  They encourage women who are in business or thinking about starting a business to come in and take advantage of all the resources they have available.

Among the resources they offer are several on-site training classes and seminars to help women get familiar with the many aspects of running a business.  To get myself familiar with their resources I signed up and attended an Introduction to the Women’s Business Centre class.  I had no idea what I was in for!

In that hour long course, not only did I learn a ton about starting a business, I met some incredible women who were in various stages of their business.  I was very proud to learn from several, young female entrepreneurs who’d simply found something they enjoyed and took a chance on turning their passion into a business.

I so admired these women for their vision and courage.  The hour long session wasn’t enough time to get into their back-stories but from the little I was able to get I was totally inspired.  So here are just a few of the businesses I had the opportunity to get to know that night…

✔, Clothing Design

✔, Yoga

✔, Companion Care


Adding my business in 2018…😄

Just the Highlights

I am so very glad that I journal almost every day, put darn near everything I do in my calendar and capture the most important moments on digital image.  In this particular instance it will make giving the highlights of my 2017 year that much easier.

Leading into 2017 my focus was saving money in hopes of purchasing my first home.  Then came the business of house hunting.  But in between that lofty goal I…

Visited Washington D. C. and the African American History Museum

Completed a couple of 5K’s

Bought a new car

Served my first term as President of Soroptimist International of Tampa

Spent lots of time on the beach

Completed a bunch of School District trainings

Attended a District II Training in Ft. Lauderdale for Soroptimist

Attended more high school football games than I can count

Hosted a One Day Conerence for teen girls

Saw my old apartment building being torn down

Visited my boy and grand-boy in North Carolina

Helped my friend with her wedding business

Saw my God-Childen on their visit to Orlando from California

Took part in a protest

Celebrated my sister’s twenty years on the job

Weathered Hurricane Irma

Watched one of our schools burn down

Visited Mt. Dora

Read 14 books

Had breakfast, lunch and coffee dates with my friends and family

Got my church on…not every Sunday but frequently

Through all that I spent time reflecting on life in general, family relationships, friendships, my career, my love life, my future.  And here’s what I learned…

If it makes me happy…I’ll keep doing it

Read more…my goal this year is 24 books

Make my morning quiet time a priority

The only person I can change is me

Keep up with community service projects

The truth will most definitely set you free

Dream Big and Dream Often

Your character says a lot about you


God’s plan for my life is meant for me; everybody can’t go

As long as I am a teacher, I will need multiple sources of income in order to survive

Work toward my goals a little every day

Here’s to 2018… 🙂

Wedding Fun

I’ve known Ms. Lissahn Devance for nearly twenty years. She and I met when both our children were very young.  Our boys were in kindergarten together.  She and I had both recently moved to the Atlanta area and were trying to figure out this single mom thing.  We met at a Saturday Seminar our kids’ school was hosting.  Somehow we ended up at the same table.  She with her son and daughter, me with my little boy.  At the end of the seminar she needed a ride home. I offered to take her and the rest as they say is history.

Our kids played together. Read together and laughed together. She’d watch Saleem so I could run some errands or study and I watched her kids when she had to work late.  We were in this single mom struggle together and we stuck together for about three years.  I decided to moved back to Florida to be closer to family.  Lissahn stayed in Atlanta.  We talked regularly by phone and I would visit Atlanta whenever I could.  Our kids grew up but she and I were always on a mission to fulfill our dreams.  She received a degree in business and started her own business. I got one in education and started my teaching career.

This past weekend she and I met in Miami.  She was on business as an event planner and I just wanted to see my friend. Over the years I’ve scrolled through her website and blogs just marveling at her beautiful work at various events around the country. On this past Saturday, I got to see her work up close and it literally brought tears to my eyes. The wedding she put together was absolutely amazing! To know where she came from to seeing her doing what she loves just makes my heart happy. I am so very proud of her. I was so happy to be there to help her and to see her walking in her purpose.

Check her out at:, on Facebook and Instagram

Dreams do come true…:)

No More Bad News

For many of us, when we think about posting online, we want our posts to be encouraging and positive. Life is too short to fill our timelines or blogs with a bunch of negative content. So, we find happy and positive things to post and blog about. Obviously, I share the same sentiments when I post but I also want to be honest, transparent and authentic.

After reading all of the happy, encouraging posts, have you ever thought, “is this person always this happy?” Do you wonder if negative things ever happen to them? And when these negative things happen, are they just as happy or do they struggle with finding peace and balance? Am I the only one who thinks that?

For the last few days I’ve had to deal with some not so happy, challenging situations. When I sat down to write this blog, as usual, I thought, “what positive and encouraging message can I share this week?” My second thought was, “I’m not all happy and cheerful so why don’t I just share what I’m really feeling?”

Just then I remembered the movie, The Wiz, starring Diana Ross.  Mabel King sung a song in that movie called No Bad News.  The words went something like, “don’t nobody bring me no bad news.”  That’s exactly what I was feeling as I sat down to write this. My dog has been sick for a week, took my car in to have some minor repairs and it turns out that I need a new transmission, hit my head and wound up with a concussion, due to the car issues I’ve had to cancel my Spring Break vacation and I am now faced with deciding whether to buy a new car or giving up (yet again) my dream of buying a house.

I don’t like the outcome of either choice but a choice has got to be made and soon.  So, happy this week, yeah, not so much and even though  it feels overwhelming and hard now, I can not let it get me down.  Even though I may not “happy” I am very grateful. Thinking of the things I do have and all that I have to be grateful for helps.  My dad loved B. B. King. The song The Thrill is Gone Live at Montreux was his favorite version.  I listen to this song often when I’m feeling hard pressed because it reminds me of my dad and I simply can’t be upset when I think of him.

Now, to all of those always-happy-encouraging-posting people, I think I’ve figured out the secret…just being grateful helps.  Understanding that hardship times don’t mean it’s the end helps.  Finding an encouraging post, good book, favorite song or just a plain old good attitude about stuff helps.  Good news or bad news, having peace and faith beyond understanding is the key to being and staying happy.

Standing firm…🙂