Wedding Fun

I’ve known Ms. Lissahn Devance for nearly twenty years. She and I met when both our children were very young.  Our boys were in kindergarten together.  She and I had both recently moved to the Atlanta area and were trying to figure out this single mom thing.  We met at a Saturday Seminar our kids’ school was hosting.  Somehow we ended up at the same table.  She with her son and daughter, me with my little boy.  At the end of the seminar she needed a ride home. I offered to take her and the rest as they say is history.

Our kids played together. Read together and laughed together. She’d watch Saleem so I could run some errands or study and I watched her kids when she had to work late.  We were in this single mom struggle together and we stuck together for about three years.  I decided to moved back to Florida to be closer to family.  Lissahn stayed in Atlanta.  We talked regularly by phone and I would visit Atlanta whenever I could.  Our kids grew up but she and I were always on a mission to fulfill our dreams.  She received a degree in business and started her own business. I got one in education and started my teaching career.

This past weekend she and I met in Miami.  She was on business as an event planner and I just wanted to see my friend. Over the years I’ve scrolled through her website and blogs just marveling at her beautiful work at various events around the country. On this past Saturday, I got to see her work up close and it literally brought tears to my eyes. The wedding she put together was absolutely amazing! To know where she came from to seeing her doing what she loves just makes my heart happy. I am so very proud of her. I was so happy to be there to help her and to see her walking in her purpose.

Check her out at:, on Facebook and Instagram

Dreams do come true…:)


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