No More Bad News

For many of us, when we think about posting online, we want our posts to be encouraging and positive. Life is too short to fill our timelines or blogs with a bunch of negative content. So, we find happy and positive things to post and blog about. Obviously, I share the same sentiments when I post but I also want to be honest, transparent and authentic.

After reading all of the happy, encouraging posts, have you ever thought, “is this person always this happy?” Do you wonder if negative things ever happen to them? And when these negative things happen, are they just as happy or do they struggle with finding peace and balance? Am I the only one who thinks that?

For the last few days I’ve had to deal with some not so happy, challenging situations. When I sat down to write this blog, as usual, I thought, “what positive and encouraging message can I share this week?” My second thought was, “I’m not all happy and cheerful so why don’t I just share what I’m really feeling?”

Just then I remembered the movie, The Wiz, starring Diana Ross.  Mabel King sung a song in that movie called No Bad News.  The words went something like, “don’t nobody bring me no bad news.”  That’s exactly what I was feeling as I sat down to write this. My dog has been sick for a week, took my car in to have some minor repairs and it turns out that I need a new transmission, hit my head and wound up with a concussion, due to the car issues I’ve had to cancel my Spring Break vacation and I am now faced with deciding whether to buy a new car or giving up (yet again) my dream of buying a house.

I don’t like the outcome of either choice but a choice has got to be made and soon.  So, happy this week, yeah, not so much and even though  it feels overwhelming and hard now, I can not let it get me down.  Even though I may not “happy” I am very grateful. Thinking of the things I do have and all that I have to be grateful for helps.  My dad loved B. B. King. The song The Thrill is Gone Live at Montreux was his favorite version.  I listen to this song often when I’m feeling hard pressed because it reminds me of my dad and I simply can’t be upset when I think of him.

Now, to all of those always-happy-encouraging-posting people, I think I’ve figured out the secret…just being grateful helps.  Understanding that hardship times don’t mean it’s the end helps.  Finding an encouraging post, good book, favorite song or just a plain old good attitude about stuff helps.  Good news or bad news, having peace and faith beyond understanding is the key to being and staying happy.

Standing firm…🙂


2 thoughts on “No More Bad News

  1. Thanks for sharing your post. I have the same inner dialogue when I sit down to write. We are all the same in so many ways. It sounds like you are going about your journey with just the right attitude.


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