What’s in a Dream?

Growing up, what was your dream?  What was that one thing you just knew you’d be doing when you grew up? How many times did you hear from an adult or teacher that you could be anything you wanted to be?  Did you make it? Are you living your dream today?

When I was younger I absolutely LOVED commercials.  I loved singing the jingles.  I watched TV just to get to the commercials.  I sang those jingles with all my heart.  I remembered them. I danced to them.  It got so bad that my family would turn down the volume on the TV in an effort to keep me from singing and dancing.  But I didn’t need the sound.  As soon as the commercial popped on I could sing the jingle from memory.

I dreamed of making commercials. I wanted to be the person behind those catchy jingles.  I asked questions, did some research and found out that the people who made commercials worked in advertising.  So, that was it! I was going to work in advertising!  Yep, that was my dream.

Today, I am an elementary school teacher and a darn good one.  Although, teaching gives me an outlet to be creative, I’m not even close to my living my childhood dream.  For a long time I was bothered by the fact that I didn’t “make it.” Felt pretty much like I had failed.  After my parents divorced, moving to a new state and being the odd girl out at my new school, I allowed way too much negativity to sink into my world and my thoughts.  Those negative thoughts became my new normal.  They crippled me from focusing on what I could do and held me back from all that had planned to do.  However, I’ve always known I was destined for something great but unfortunately, if one is not careful, life can take you so far off your path that you either find yourself giving up your dreams altogether or holding out hope that one day you’ll find your way back to them.

What I have learned on this journey called “my life” is that as long as I am above ground, it is never too late to follow my dreams.  Also, I’ve learned that while one dream goes away others come.  Now, while I won’t be quiting my job and applying to every advertising agency around the country, I will be pursuing one of my other dreams…writing.  I have always enjoyed writing and I am great at it.  Everyone says so!  I will be looking forward to fulfilling more of that dream in 2017!

Here’s to big dreams…:)


4 thoughts on “What’s in a Dream?

  1. Wow, your post took me back to my dreams. I grew up in the back woods of GA and my connection to the world was the GRIT newspaper and the many things I ordered from it. Grit and the mail man were my friends. From those days until now, I have always wanted to have a mail order company and share in the joy of providing a mail box experience.
    In pursuit of that dream, I launched a new site, http://www.onegreatdate.com, where people and find and purchase original documents from years past and current events destined to be collectables. History and great memories happen One Great Date at a time.


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