My Life Today

My Life Today

Over the past couple of months, life has been very busy for me.  I work full time, I have a family that needs time with me, I teach part time, I’m going to the gym regularly and trying to spend time with friends.  There are extra curricular activities to pick up from, homework that needs to be looked at, dinners that have to be prepared, car repairs that need to be maintained, groceries to pick up, dry cleaning to drop off and a dog that needs to go to the vet.  So like most anybody, my daily schedule stays pretty full.  However, what I am most grateful for today is the awareness and ability to recognize how hectic my life can sometimes be.  In that awareness and ability, I also know when my plate is way too full and that its time to let go of some of the situations and stresses in my life.

I have to give credit to my love for always gently reminding me that its ok to say no to something or someone, to simply let go of people or things that are not good for me and to sometimes just be late.  In the last book I read, PUSH by Cindy Trimm, I really enjoyed how she connected pregnancy, birth and the growth process to a persons life and the development of each individuals relationship with God.  To be perfectly honest, some of the information included in some of the chapters was a bit over my head at times but I understood her purpose behind it.  The book helped me to have a better understanding of who I am and how, from this point in my life, I can shape my thinking, put in to practice what I’d like to see happening in my life and build upon those things to have the life and relationships I truly desire.

I’ve told people recently that my life isn’t what I thought it would be at this age. But I can say that I am in a really good place.  I have my health and all of my faculties (as my sister likes to call it), I have friends and family who love and support me, a job I love, my basic daily needs met and I’m just happy with the person I continue to grow into each day.  Now, are there somethings in my life that I’m not so happy with?  Absolutely!  But in those situations, I am learning to trust God at His word to never leave me or forsake me.  I know that all things will work out for those who trust in Him.  I am reminded of this story my brother in law tells about a conversation he had with his grandfather.  In this conversation, my brother in law tells his grandfather that he was up all night worried about something and his grandfather says something to the effect that God’s up all night anyway, so to give the problem to Him because there was no sense in both of them being up worrying over how to fix the same situation.  Of course, my brother in law tells the story much better than me but hopefully you get the meaning behind it.

Enjoy your life, everyday! ☺



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