Chapter Eleven – God Calls Us to Faith

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is a story in this chapter about a young man who wanted to be the very best lumberjack.  Although he tried everyday to beat the goal he had set for himself, he always seemed to come up short.  One day a much older and wiser man asked the young man about the frustration he saw on his face.  After the young man explained his dilemma, the older man said, “I can tell that you’ve been swinging your ax with everything you’ve got but I can’t help wondering, when was the last time you sharpened your ax?”

How many times a day do we venture out into the world with a dull ax or should I say a dull sword for us believers in Christ?  Just like the young man in this story we set goals for ourselves and the lives we want to live.  We get up each day working our plan and planning our work yet sometimes find ourselves coming up short.  We’ve been working the same plan (ax or sword) for the longest time and even though we are finding that it is no longer getting the job done, we haven’t stopped to re-evaluate the plan (sharpen the ax or sword).  Are there areas in your life where you feel you’ve been using a dull ax or sword?  If so, what is the best way for you to sharpen that spiritual ax or sword?

God calls each of us to have faith.  His word gives us the ability to strengthen and grow in our faith.  When we don’t take the time to read and study God’s word regularly (daily) we are simply swinging at our struggles and challenges with a dull sword.  God’s word is full of promises that sharpen us as followers of Jesus. (p. 70).


Put on the full armor of God, Ephesians 6…:)


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