Chapter Ten – God Calls Us to Obedience

I love being a mom.  My son…now that kid is quite the character.  He never gave me much trouble, nothing that I couldn’t handle.  He’s polite, respectful, charming and funny.  People just love the boy.  He will be twenty-two in just a few days and in all the years I’ve known him, he has one little flaw that really irks my nerves!

As a parent, we try to shield our kids from harm and guide them as best we can.  When we see our children about to do something that is probably not in their best interest we do all that we can to get them to think about their actions and ultimately the consequences that may follow.  As far back as I can remember, probably when the child started talking, when I stopped to talk to my son about something he was attempting to do that was not in his best interest, his response was always the same…”aw, mom! I got this!”.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard him say that, go off and do his thing only to find out that he didn’t actually have it.

However, over the years I have learned that he is right.  His choices and decisions are his alone to make.  I can only voice my thoughts, try to give him better direction and hope he will heed my warning before he makes his decision.  Being like nearly all other early twenty-somethings, the boy follows the road heavily traveled and will often come back to me saying, “Mom, I probably should have listened to you on that one”.  As a parent, you listen and try to encourage them to do better because really that’s all we can do.

After reading this chapter and thinking about my son, I came to realize that I sometimes do the same things to God that my son does to me when I am trying to guide him onto a path I know would be better for him.  And just like my son, when God is trying to stop me or shield me from harm, I am basically saying to God, “I got this!”, only to find out that I really didn’t have it and I probably should have heeded God’s warning.

God calls us to follow him and to be obedient so that we don’t have to keep hitting our heads against a wall when we chose not to heed God’s warning and follow the plan he has for us.  God gives us the freedom to make our own decisions but he also gave us the bible as a blueprint for living our lives so that the road we travel doesn’t have to be filled with a string of bad choices, regret, guilt, shame, judgement, depression, anxiety, anger and all those other negative things that keep us from being our very best in Him.

Walking the road less traveled…:) 


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