Chapter Eight – God Whispers

So imagine you are at a get together.  Things have been a little hectic in your life and its been awhile since you’ve seen or been able to chat with your best friend. You know your bestie will be at the party so wait with anticipation to see her/him because you have so much to tell them.  Finally, the bestie shows up and before they can get caught up in socializing you whisk them away from the noise to give them the rundown on the current events in your life.  Just to make sure your conversation isn’t overheard, you lean as close as possible and whisper.  We whisper because we want the intimacy of having a private and personal conversation with the person we trust more than life itself.

Sometimes when we are praying and seeking God’s counsel, we half expect him to literally shake mountains or uproot and replant trees right before our eyes in response to our requests.  Of course, God could very well do those things if he so chooses but God may also choose to respond to us in a much softer, gentler way. He may prefer to simply whisper.  A whisper from God is like getting an invitation to lean in just a little bit closer to him in order to really see and understand all that he is attempting to teach us.  When we lean in, we can enjoy the intimacy of a private and personal conversation with the one who gives us life.

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah felt weak, exhausted, tired and frustrated with the events happening in his life.  Even as he was ready to give up, God spoke to him in a clear, soft whisper.  God reminded Elijah that even in the worst of times He is still present.  There was no earthshaking, no mountains moved and no trees uprooted.  It was simply God’s soft whisper in the midst of all that chaos.

Even when life seems out of sorts and chaotic, God is aware and communicates with us even then.  We just have to lean in a little closer to hear His whisper.



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