Chapter Six – God’s Colorful Expressions

In this chapter I am reminded of the many different ways God has spoken to his people throughout the bible.  He uses whatever means necessary to communicate to those he loves.  He communicated clearly to Adam and Eve about their responsibilities.  He communicated with Cain about his anger.  He came to Noah about building an arc.  Moses literally got a burning bush of communication.  I could go on…Joseph had a dream, Ezekiel and Daniel saw visions.  God communicates to us in so many ways.

It may be a dream, a whisper, a loud voice or a vision during prayer but how God chooses to communicate with each of us is different.  Personally, I think that because we have so much going on in our lives that our minds and bodies are constantly on the move.  This constant moving makes it difficult for us to hear God trying to communicate with us which is why it is so important for us to spend quiet moments each morning in scripture and prayer.  In order to hear God express himself to us we must slow down and make daily quiet times a priority in our lives.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but recently after talking with my doctor about all of the many, many stresses in my life she suggested that I research calming techniques.  Daily relaxation, yoga, just something, anything, to help me slow down my pace.  I love yoga so that was an easy place to start.  Again, with my crazy schedule, finding the time to go presented another problem.  During my research I came across meditation.  Of course, I know what it is but I’ve never read enough to understand the benefits.  However, after researching, I learned this was something I could do without leaving my house.  Yet…that finding time thing was still an issue.  As with everything I do, I jumped in feet first.  Decided to set my clock a few minutes earlier in the morning, have my quiet time as normal and then meditate for twenty minutes.

Needless to say, this time in the morning is the absolute best part of my day.  I’ve been doing this now for a little over a month.  I am surprised by how much more relaxed and clear headed I feel when I start my day.  More importantly, this has helped me to be able to discern God’s voice a bit more clearly.  This time in the morning allows God to speak to me and prepare me for the day ahead as well as the decisions that I will need to make.  Not only am I doing something healthy for my mind but it is definitely beneficial for my body.  It’s a win-win and my doctor is happy too!

For more information on mediation, I would recommend Success Through Meditation – by Russell Simmons


Enjoy every day…



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