Chapter Four – God’s Voice Surprises

Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to. – George Stanton

When God calls for us as individuals to do certain things to fulfill his word, he may not always look for or call on the most wise, well put together, strong individual who is well versed in scripture.  He may not even call on the one considered to be the smartest or one who has been called before.  How we see ourselves and those around us is very different from how God sees us.  When God looks down at us he doesn’t see or judge us by the same light in which we judge ourselves or others. There is no one thing in particular we can do to be a worthy or qualified choice for God.  God uses a responsive and willing heart to do amazing things.

Many in the bible were surprised by God when they were called to fulfill his word.  How would you describe Moses’ reaction in Exodus 3, Jeremiah’s reaction in Jeremiah 1 or Samuel’s call in 1 Samuel 3?  Let’s not forget Jonah.  And we all know David’s story.  Each call was different.  Each responded in a different way.  Not only were these individuals surprised by God’s call, many of their families and friends were surprised as well.  Family and friends tend to remember the times when “so and so did…” or when “so and so said…”  Thank goodness God uses a different filtered lens!  God sees what he can do through us.

What’s most important is that our hearts and minds are clear enough to hear God’s voice when he calls us.  No, we may not be called to lead a church, organization or other ministry that will shine a spotlight on us for the world to see.  Our individual call may be to simply lead in our homes, teaching our children God’s word or in our community, loving our neighbors and helping in their time of need.  Then again, our call may be as simple as allowing God’s word and voice to strengthen and encourage our own faith as we struggle in our daily lives.  Whatever or however the call comes… be surprised but answer the call!


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