Chapter Three – God’s Voice Exposes

When God speaks, His words expose.  They reveal things about ourselves that we could not know on our own (chp. 3, pg. 16).

My grandmother used to say, “what goes on in the dark, will always come out in the light.”  I used to think she was just trying to scare us kids into always doing right or at least to be smart enough to not get caught doing something not so right.  Now that I’m a little older, a little wiser and a lot more in tune with my relationship with God I understand what my sweet grandmother was trying to get us to recognize.

When God works, he can’t work in the dark.  Things in the dark are usually hidden there for a reason.  It may be something about ourselves we don’t want anyone else to know, some secret we’ve tucked away for safe keeping, some lie we’ve told, some flaw we have, some insecurity, some something we would much rather no one else on the planet knew about.  We think as long as it is safely hidden away, no one would be the wiser.  The only problem with that is you live in constant fear of what may happen if somehow, someway that secret, dark door is opened and the real deal was exposed!  What would happen then?  So you have to always be on guard of the “Dark Door”.  Never saying too much, never letting others get too close, never quite stepping out of that comfort zone for fear of the unknown.  All the while we are being eaten alive from the inside out.

In Genesis, God separated the light from the darkness.  Even then, at the beginning of time he was revealing that the two can not coexist at the same time.  When we live in darkness, that gnawing, that tugging, that whisper in our subconscious…that’s God trying his absolute best to move us into the light.  He wants to free us from that which holds us back from living our purest, truest, most authentic selves.  He isn’t trying to “expose” us so that all the world will finally know the truth about us, that we weren’t as perfect as we pretended to be or so the people could say, “see…look, she isn’t all that!”  He is exposing our hearts to set us free!

My grandmother used to also say, “when you know better, you sho’nough ought to be doing better!”  With God, the more he exposes about us and our hearts the more it should be helping us to do and be better.  Being exposed not only draws us closer to God, but it helps us to live a truly free life.

Don’t let what’s hidden in the darkness keep you from finding peace with God…♥


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