Chapter Six – Turbo

God is Able by Priscilla Shirer

Recently, I was diagnosed with an illness (non-Life Threatening), that I am definitely in no mood to deal with but more than anything what I’ve come to know about myself is that I am a fighter.  I have overcome more obstacles in my life than I care to count so one more won’t hurt, right?  Chapter five really spoke to me. It’s really amazing how God seems to place the right things in your path just when you need them most, especially when they are unexpected.

Turbo…tapping into God’s full power and strength.  In this chapter the author talks a lot about how “playing it safe” in our relationship with God can cause us to miss out on igniting the power we are all entitled to.  For me personally, I have to ask, “how does one launch into that power and strength when faced with a massive challenge on the road ahead?”

From this chapter I learned to set expectations high then believe that God will meet you there.  As an educator, I know this process first hand.  If I simply expect my students to do their best and not push them to meet higher expectations, they won’t.  Most often they will simply give me their mediocre “best” and expect that to be enough.  So, set your expectations high and don’t give up.  Know and understand that He will come when the time is right for you.  Yes, it is great when you make it to the gas station in the nick of time or when that money comes out of nowhere to pay your light bill the day it’s due to be shut off.  Those expectations are peanuts to God.  Trust and look for him to do bigger things in your life like repair that broken friendship/relationship that you thought was damaged beyond repair, to bring that child of out of the streets before the streets swallow him whole or to heal your body of the disease doctors said there was no cure for.   Turbo, “according to the power that works within us”

Unleash the power of God within you then expect and experience God’s strength and glory in all areas of your life.


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