Chapter Two – Turning

God is Able By Priscilla Shirer

As Mrs. Shirer continues to discuss the scripture Ephesians 3:20-21, I am really looking forward to the other chapters in this book.  When I chose this book, I had no idea that she was going to focus specifically on this scripture in Ephesians but I am very glad she did.  Chapter One prepared our hearts and minds to begin understanding that connecting with God’s power is available to us now.  In looking at our situations and circumstances, we can have the power right now to overcome them.  We don’t have to wait for things to get better in order to feel and use God’s loving power.

I really loved Chapter Two!  Turning…unto Him, wow!  How about that?  Something we know to do however, something we don’t often do.  Sometimes it’s kind of hard to focus on a relationship with God when we feel that our world is going to come crashing down on us if we don’t get the light bill paid on time, or have enough money at the end of the week for groceries, or even enough money to put gas in the car to hold us until payday.  Our circumstances and difficult situations are very real and they do require our attention.  We can’t receive a final notice on the light bill and simply ignore it.  However, what I think the author is trying to get us to understand in Chapter Two is that our focus shouldn’t lie with our situations and challenges.

By turning our attention and focus on God, we are saying that we trust Him to do what is best for us in every situation.  We are turning toward that power now when we need it most.  When we don’t turn to God in our difficult times we allow the burden of our situation to weigh us down, the sadness and frustration begins to mount, we shift our focus away from Him and stare directly into our problems.  We meditate on our problems, looking at them from every angle trying to sort them all out.  Here in Chapter Two, the author reminds us that we don’t have to carry the weight of our burdens alone.  Actually, we don’t have to carry them at all.

When difficult times arise, focusing on Him will turn your heart, mind, and body in the sole direction where all of your help is coming from. (God is Able, pg. 46) We know and love Him when times are going good.  Let’s remember Him during those not so good times and begin turning to Him so that we can see His love and power at all times.

Feel free to share your comments about this chapter in the comments below…

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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